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I have gone through a spiritual crisis in the past four years. I used to be a devout Christian who used to pray and go to church a lot. But I was also taught to hate feminism by the people I relied on for spiritual guidance. They claimed it was "satanic," and that a true Christian did not believe in equal rights for women. As a result, I disassociated myself from religion and have distrusted ministers and others for fear they might be antifeminist. Can one be religious and still be a feminist?

Thanks so much for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for being true to yourself. In answer to your question: "Can one be religious and still be a feminist?" Without a doubt, the answer is yes. I don't think that the problem is religion so much as it is the interpretors of religion--i.e. the Vatican. There are several great organizations and individuals out there, who have challenged these interpretations and gone to the root of several religions only to find that yes in fact, there is room for feminism in most of the world's religions. Some of the resources that you might want to consider to learn more -- Catholics for a Free Choice), the work of Karen Armstrong (a book on a God and one on Mohammed), and a wonderful anthology--Women Imagine Change--which includes the works of many feminist spiritual and religious leaders.

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