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I need some help from you folks. Can you point me to some articles on Third Wave Feminism and who their influence comes from. I am also looking for a good definition of Third Wave Feminism. Thanks for your time.

Thanks for your note. Most immediately, there is an anthology called Third Wave Agenda. There is also--Listen Up! Voices From the Next Feminist Generation (edited by Barbara Findlen), To Be Real (edited by Rebecca Walker), Adios Barbie (edited by Ophira Edut)--all of which can shed some light on Third Wave Feminism (most of these books can be found through the Feminist.com Bookstore.

Other suggestions--past Ask Amy's here under Feminism and the Third Wave Foundation.

In a nutshell---The First Wave was the suffragist and abolitionist era--which secured basic legal rights for women (the right to inheritance, to own property, to vote, to divorce...). The Second Wave came about to push these boundaries toward equality. Along the way, they secured other basic rights for women. The Third Wave--in reality is really just young women today wanting "a movement of their own." With similar goals, we are working in tandem with the second wave.

I hope that helps Amy


Dear Amy:

Thank you very much for your time and attention. My best friend is going to school at the University of Oregon and teaching women's studies as well as Philosophy. I was on the debate team in college and believe it or not we argued about Feminism a ton. We always have these discussions about Feminism, it's good points and bad points. Recently, my friend and I had a discussion about Feminism and the Third Wave which I am vaguely familiar with. My contention, and what we were arguing about, is that the third wave feminist are very closely tied to the second wave feminists. In other words, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I have to admit, I wasn't really informed about what I was saying, so I decided I needed to update my background. The suggestions of where to look will help me a lot. I just ordered both of those books you suggested from the Feminist.com Bookstore. I will try the part of the Internet site that you suggested. Again, I appreciate your time. If I can return the favor, let me know.
- Bob

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