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I'm going to enter my senior year in high school and would like to start a club that would aware people of the injustices that women face. Also the subtle ways that the mass media influences women (mostly negative). I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas! - Kristy, Hawaii

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com, but mostly for taking the time to educate your classmates about the ways that women still face injustices. At Third Wave, an organization I co-founded, our philosophy is "See It? Tell It. Change It!"--meaning that the first step in changing things is to acknowledge that these things exist (i.e. these injustices). The next step is to 1.) educate/alert others to these injustices and 2.) to work together to devise ways to change it--these both happening via forums in which we can "tell it" or share it--which seems exactly the medium that you are trying to provide.

If you like I can send you Third Wave's "How To Kits"--which include how to "Network/Organize"--basically a framework in which to begin to organize people. Also, the National Organization for Women has helped to start a few clubs in high schools across the country--perhaps they could help you.

Let me know if you want me to send the "How To Kits"--and to which address they should be sent. After you have a chance to look at them, I'd be happy to go about helping you to specifically set an agenda for the upcoming school year. Let me know.


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