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Hi Amy,

I'm interested in learning about feminist organizations that work with secondary schools, especially as it relates to teen sexuality and pregnancy. I've never heard of feminist intervention in negatively gendered sex Ed. pedagogy, but I'm certain that some groups must exist. If any of you have any insight you can share on where I might look for this or feminist groups that work directly with teen pregnancy, I'd be honored to be so enlightened. Thanks for providing this service. Our communities need more like it. Goddess keep you.

Stefanie--English and Women Studies student.

Dear Stephanie,

Thanks for your note to feminist.com. To learn more about feminist work in secondary schools -- I'm going to recommend the following resources as they have tackled these issues:

--American Association of University Women -- specifically they have done lots of work on sexual harassment in the schools.

--The Wellesley Center for Research on Women -- mostly research.

--Educational Equity Concepts -- mostly junior high and elementary school -- but some high school.

--Planned Parenthood Federation of America -- and specifically Planned Parenthood of New York City

--SEICUS (Sexuality Education and Information...) I can't remember what it stands for -- both do feminist work around sex education.

Those resources will probably lead you to others.


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