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Pattie B. wrote:

What is a clear cut definition of the pink collar ghetto for women from a sociological and feminist perspective? I would appreciate an answer back soon because I am in the process of writing a paper about the movie 9-5. Have you ever seen the movie? Got any thoughts about the movie? I would appreciate any remarks about the movie too.

Thank You,

Pattie B.


Dear Pattie B.,

The pink collar ghetto is used to describe the fact that women repeatedly and historically have been concentrated into low wage, underpaid jobs. If you look at any profession that is less valuable -- like being a secretary, or a nurse compared to being a physician's assistant or being a bookkeeper compared to being an accountant -- women are the majority of those in these jobs and these jobs pay which are "male" jobs. The movie 9to5 was actually based on the 9to5 organization of the same name and if you haven't already you should reference them. They operate as a union of sorts for women workers.



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