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My name is Jesse. I am currently working on a speech regarding "legal feminists." According to my professor for "legal feminists" law is the ultimate authority in applying social principles to particular situations. So far I've been surfing the net for information on this particular topic and unluckily, I have not been able to come across any resources concerning "legal feminists." If possible can you please provide some resources such as web cites or any other related sources that you think will be of assistance in putting this speech together.

Dear Jesse,

Transforming laws has been a major thrust of feminist work. Feminists have been mostly successful; however, it's important to note that changing laws are only the beginning to actually solving those problems. For instance, rape is illegal, but it still happens, so we need to change people's attitudes while changing the laws. There are feminist groups focused specifically on the law. The National Women's Law Center, Equal Rights Advocates, and the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, are the ones that come to mind immediately. I hope that helps you prepare for your speech.



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