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I was just wondering if you could answer two questions my wife and I arrived at in a recent discussion.

First; can you be a "male feminist," that is, a man that embodies the beliefs of feminists, but is (obviously) not a woman? Second; can you be a feminist and be Pro-Life? (the right to choose seems to be such a hot topic and it would seem to fly in the face of much of what feminists believe in.)

Thanks for your time,

Michael and Jennifer
Anacortes, WA


Dear Michael and Jennifer,

I meet male feminists every day -- so yes they/you do exist. Historically, I think that there was a need for feminism to create woman only spaces -- these spaces hadn't previously existed and women needed to have these issues (rape, incest, domestic violence, street harassment, etc...) prioritized. Men weren't always included in that process -- though there were always some -- and the few that were actively involved seemed to be doing so mostly "on behalf of women."

Today, thankfully, feminist men are involved for their own benefit. Feminism liberates men from masculinity as much as it liberates women from femininity -- therefore, men's involvement is for themselves.

As for pro-life -- yes you are right that it would be antithetical to feminism, for feminism to deny this choice to women who don't believe in abortion. However, you also can't be actively pro-life, because doing so denies this choice to women.



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