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Hi Amy,

I'm planning a floor program for my college dorm about gender equality. I'd like to have some role-playing and interactive discussions for this program and I've been scouring the Internet with no luck. Could you give me web resources to work with?? I'm in a huge bind. Thanks so much!

Andrea from Motown


Dear Andrea,

Third Wave Foundation, an organization that I co-founded, has a leadership training program called "See It? Tell It. Change It!" - meaning we see these things, but often don't realize it until we have a forum to "tell it." Once we "tell it" we can begin to "change it."

One of the exercises we do is to have everyone stand in a circle. We develop a list of questions like "have you ever been touched in a way that you didn't want to be? Have you ever been told not to cry? Have you ever made yourself throw up to lose weight? Have you ever felt like you weren't smart enough? We ask that people who want to answer yes to any question to stand in the circle - and look around at who else is in the circle with you. This is meant to show what issues are "women's issues," plus how men need feminism, too - i.e. by asking the crying question and others like it.

This is also meant to show that we aren't alone nor should we ever be made to feel that we are alone. Another exercise is to do role plays around sex/saying no - and violence. I don't know if Third Wave's example is entirely applicable, but if this interests you perhaps I could get you a copy of Third Wave's curriculum. Good luck.


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