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Dear Amy,

I am writing because I have a friend who is very interested in getting involved in this continuing struggle for equality. She is open to supporting just about everything the movement is for, such as reproductive rights, including the right to abortion, equality for the gay community, equal rights and protection in the workplace, etc..

But there is one thing and one thing only she could not do as a feminist, and that is speak against the bible. She understands why many activists do it and why it is often mandatory. Because, of course, the goal of feminism is to tear down the patriarchy, and it is believed that the bible is a tool used by the patriarchy to promote inequality and interfere with human rights. But the reason she could not do it is because she is concerned about what her family would think. Because of this one factor it makes her wonder if a feminist like her even fits in with the cause.

What should I tell her?




Dear Christina,

I personally know of many feminists who are also religious and who endorse the Bible. I don't think that the Bible is something that directly "promotes inequality and interferes with human rights," but rather that there are individuals who inappropriately use the Bible for these means, thus confusing the actual text from the interpreters -- i.e. The Vatican among others. There are groups like Catholics for a Free Choice that are devoted precisely to help feminists be able to maintain this balance of their values -- those that are feminist influenced and those influenced by religion.

I hope that helps,

-- Amy

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