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Dear Amy,

Firstly I would like to say how much I love the site. It has provided much useful information that has helped me to put forward my points of view to other people.

The question that I have is this: Why are there so many women who are vocally anti-feminist? It is something that I simply cannot comprehend. Don't these women realise that feminism is the reason why they, as women, are now treated (more or less) like human beings? I can understand why some men are anti-feminist, although I obviously am disgusted by their beliefs - the sad truth is, is that they profit from subordinating women. However, why do some women actively go about putting down feminism? I suppose that some women, especially those who conform to 'traditional' stereotypes of women (for example, stay-at-home mothers) might feel that feminism will lead to their being unappreciated - but even so, I still can't understand why they would actively oppose feminism. I am t! alking of people like the woman who wrote 'The Surrendered Wife', for example, or Dr Laura. I would really appreciate an answer to this question, because it is one that I am often asked. It is difficult for feminism for make great strides in the world when there are women who oppose it.

I have also noticed a number of letters in the 'Ask Amy' section concerning religion. I am a Protestant Christian who is also a feminist, and I have found that the website http://www.cbeinternational.org is very useful. You mentioned in one letter that the Bible should not be changed, but peoples' interpretations of it, and that it what I believe, too. The Christians for Biblical Equality website also makes that point.

Best Wishes,





Thanks so much for introducing me to Christians for Biblical Equality -- I just checked out the site, which is great, I learned tons, and I have already referenced it in another Ask Amy, someone looking for equality in religion. This will also come in handy, since I lecture tons and one of the frequently asked question is -- can I be religious and be a feminist? Now I have another example to give them -- yours!

In general, I think that there are so many anti-feminists because they are denying something about their own life or they don't want the responsibility of feminism. In many ways feminism means that you can't let the racists joke slip by or you can't just passively except inequalities in your life. Therefore, it becomes easier for some to turn against feminism, which is essentially turning against themselves, rather than opening up options to themselves. I think that most people, however, reach a point in their life where feminism is thrust upon them -- they can no longer avoid. As I know from Ask Amy/Feminist.com -- people often seek out feminism without realizing that is what they are seeking out, but when they confront an injustice, they realize that feminism is where they are lead. We just need people to embrace feminism before they need it.

I hope that adds some clarity.

Thanks again,

-- Amy

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