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Hi Amy! I´m a girl from Sweden and I came accross this website.I´d really appreciate if you helped me with how religion affects women or how it comes into the picture of feminism.When i say religion i mean (Islam, Christianity and Judism.) Does religion put women back?


I think that feminism has currrently been grappling with issues such as religion. Historically I think many felt a conflict between feminism and the world's religions, but today, I think that people are bringing their feminism back to their churches, etc... and changing those religions from the inside out -- for instance Catholics for a Free Choice, which has taken on Catholocism and given us a feminist interpretation, beyond the anti-woman one coming down from the Vatican. This has happened within other religions, too, so now we have a better picture of how those religions can be inclusive of our feminist values. Hope that helps.

-- Amy

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