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What is your personal opinion on women as prostitutes, strippers, porn stars, etc.? I have very strong feelings against all of the above. I feel women in history have worked very hard to earn the right to make choices and to be respected in society and this only shows the lack of respect women have for themselves. Although these examples may serve as employment opportunities for women, I feel women have other choices and by not making better choices, it creates a sterotypical image of all women.

While one woman works long hours at a grocery store while respecting her body and her soul, another takes the easy way out and puts her body on display like an animal. I just don't understand why women continue to do this???



I once heard Andrea Dworkin asked a similiar question and she said "I wish women had better choices" and I agree with this. However, it is complicated by the fact that many woman don't take on these professions just for an income, but because they want to. They think it is a powerful statement and feel as empowered in this profession as others do in being lawyers.

There is a point at which women feel they are making informed decisions, but the information is still skewed -- for instance, do these women really want these professions or are they choosing them because in a male dominated society being sexy is valued. We don't know. I think another important distinction is that you can hate the industry, but not the women. That's crucial.

I hope that helps,

-- Amy

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