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Dear Amy,

Im a 15 year old guy doing a social justice project on the status of women in modern society, and I'd like the input of a feminist on that topic. Do you think women have earned their current place in society? Do you think militant super-feminists are right in turning the tables completely, and dominating men the way we once dominated women? How far do you think feminist activism will go in the future? Thanks for your help if given, if not, nice website anyway.




Dear Patrick,

I do think that women have "earned" their current place in society -- though I'm not sure that earned is the right word -- it seems more like we won what we rightfully deserved. However, not all women are as free as others, so some women haven't progressed much. As for the "militant" women you refer to -- the only feminist I know of that might fit into this definition is Mary Daly -- and personally I do not agree with her excluding men so they know what it was like for women to be excluded. But I really don't know of any other feminist who is calling for women to dominate men in the same way that men have dominated women.

Good luck with your report,

-- Amy

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