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Hello Amy,

I'm doing a research paper on First Nations Women (in Canada) and feminism, I came across this letter in a google search, and I'm wondering if there is any way you could help me find more resources.

Here is the letter:

A reminder that, while your stuff on 3rd/4th world women is great, there are third world women right here in the U.S. who need your help desperately. I'm currently working on an article about the ways feminism has forgotten Native American women, except for the occasional use of a great quote or Indian governments pre-colonization.

But Indian women and children and men are dying every day right in your own country, and feminism seems to have not only forgotten us, but invisibilized us. We are different from third world women; we are still colonized yet supposedly live within a democracy. That makes our oppression and resistances (even the self-inflicted damage) much harder to see, understand, or deal with.

If you like, I can send you some good links for U.S. or Canadian indigenous peoples. That's a start. But I think something called Feminist.com needs a tighter link with its own countrywomen than just website links. Most Indian women are too busy surviving to bother with feminism. But there are some who are trying. We need some acknowledgment and help from mainstream feminism!


You mentioned related links...if you could send me any resources, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks a lot,



Dear Marie-Claire,

There are tons of great Native American women's groups -- including:

White Buffalo Calf Society -- including the work of Gail Small

The Native American Colleges -- there are several colleges and the organization itself is a great resource.

The Native American Women's Health Action Network - or something like that run by Charon Asetoyer and based in South Dakota.

First Nations Development Institute and all of the important work that they fund/support.



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