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I am a student and I have to do an essay based on a film. I have to give my opinions based on the movie, whether is it or is not a feminist film.The movie that I have to watch is Rod Lurie's 'The Contender'.

One of the questions is, whether feminism is a political or personal movement. The problem is, I am not really sure what it means by political feminism or even personal movement feminism. It would be really helpful if you could clarify on these two types of feminism. And also, what do I have to look out for in the movie to show that it is a feminist film or not? Thank you for your time.

Many thanks,



Dear Nina,

One of the classic mantras of the feminist movement is that "the personal is political" thus making both our personal lives and our politicals lives intertwined and feminist. Essentially what feminists were trying to do is to get women motivated to be political by linking what was happening in their personal lives -- i.e. the price of milk or access to health insurance -- to politics and thus motivate us to be more involved politically. As for the movie, it
is political and personal -- and not just because it's about
traditional politics.

In terms of what to look for: How accurately are characters represented, male and female? And how realistic are the portrayals and also the behind the scenes stuff? Who made all the money? Who did all the work?



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