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In my free time I surf the web, and lately I've been coming across different brands of feminism; such as "Marxist feminism, moderate feminism, individualist feminism." I was wondering if you find any "type" of feminism more valid than others.

Personally, I don't think there should be any "types" in feminism, as the purpose of it is to unite women rather than divide us through categorizing. At the same time, however, I realize that not all feminists can and even should have the exact same beliefs, as we are all individuals. But I have a difficult time understanding groups such as the "pro-life feminists" (how can one be pro-woman but don't think we should own our own bodies?) and feminists who are antigun-control (I thought feminism was about dissolving violence.) What is your take on all this? Is it possible for people to be true feminists and have such incongruent social beliefs?
- Confused


Dear Confused,

I, like you, think that there is only one "type" of feminist--that is someone who supports the full social, political equality of all people and who lives their life accordingly. However, I think that they are many ways to express your feminism and many ways to pursue feminism, but this is about approach not definition. I understand why people feel the need to qualify their feminism -- i.e. radical, Marxist, etc., but I don't buy the distinctions.

As for pro-life feminists -- it's an oxymoron. The entire purpose of feminism is to open up choices to women and to ensure that individual women can makes choices, therefore a group of people who are opposing women's choices aren't really feminists to me. It's not so much what choice women make, but the power to make a choice. I hope that helps -- if only everyone else thought like we did.


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