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I am a 16-year-old girl and I have to do research paper for my English class on an open topic. My problem is that I want to research women's studies and feminist groups but I can only find web pages and things of that nature. So I'm wondering if you might be able to direct me to some sites that will explain in detail the start of Feminist groups and where they might be going in the future. I would really like to ace this paper. If you are not able to then I am thankful for your time and hope all goes well.



Dear Courtney,

The focus of each feminist group really depends on the different group. For instance, Equality Now, a group that focuses on making human rights inclusive of women's rights - is focusing on combating global problems that affect women such as female genital mutilation, etc. Their work focuses both on getting resources to these women--like legal help or even money & emotional support to flee their home countries -- and they also focus on legislative change, including how can we make governments accountable to how women are mistreated in their countries. That's only one example--and each example changes depending on the given organization. There are many organizations listed in feminist.com's Links section - perhaps you can pursue one of these. I hope this begins to answer your question.

Good luck,

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