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Dear Amy,

We are editing a book of contemporary women's fiction, which will be published in May 2002. We are looking for other similar collections so we can look at how they are edited, presented and introduced. None of publishers you would expect (Women's Press, Bloomsbury, Faber) seem to have published any fiction collections recently. Please could you help us? We are UK based. Look out for 'Her Majesty' in 2002!

Many thanks,

Jackie and Emma


Dear Jackie and Emma,

I love the title of your book. Can't wait!!! What about Zed press -- isn't that a great feminist press? Catherine McKinley has done a collection of women's poetry called Afrikete and Women Imagine Change which includes women's writings 600 BCE to the present. It is organized in a great way because each piece of writing is introduced by a piece written by a contemporary academic who puts the piece in historical context. I also remember Susan Sontag editing some collection of women's writings, but I can't remember the title. There are also tons of non-fiction collections/anthologies, but not sure how applicable this would be -- like Body Outlaws, Listen Up, To Be Real, etc....

I hope that helps and congrats on your work.

- Amy

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