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Dear Amy, I've always been a really strong feminist and I dislike it when people are stereotyped. I know that our school has some problems with people who are homosexual, but I was curious as to ways our Canadian schools can still be sexist. Care to elaborate?



I'm a bit confused by your note.

Do you want to know how/why sexism still exists in your schools? Or if it does? Or are you stating it does and you want to do something about it? My guess is that it exists in more subtle ways, or ways that are so ingrained that we forget they are sexist.

For instance, girls probably play sports right along with boys, but they probably have less audience members at their events; boys are probably rewarded for having girlfriends or sex and girls are teases or ridiculed; male teachers are more likely to be in the math and sciences and female teachers are more likely to be less respected.

In terms of what to do about this, I think that it has to begin with us. For instance, get a group of friends to go to the girls' games or ask the female teacher to be your advisor. I hope I have understood correctly.

Good luck changing it,

-- Amy