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First of all I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to give my question some thought.

I am taking a college class on gender communications and I have found very little on feminism and gendered communication. I would like to know in what ways you think feminism has had a positive impact on the following gender dyads:

  1. Male/Male friendships;
  2. Male/Female Friendships and marriages; and
  3. Female/Female Friendships.

A list of thoughts would be a great help with my term project for this class.

Thanks again for your thoughts and ideas.



Here are some quick answers:

  1. Male/ Male friendships: made these more open and possible, more room for honesty, and actually even more need for them to the extent that they are modeling themselves more and more on female friendships.
  2. Male/Female Friendships & marriages: in general made them healthier, meaning that both parties enter the relationships with clearer expectations and also more individuality.
  3. Female/Female Friendships: more valued, but also tension because it's harder to address competition under the guise of supporting women.

Good luck,

-- Amy