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Hi Amy,

I was just e-mailing to see what general opinions of male to female transsexuals the feminist community might have.

Is there a belief that people who were once men can never be a true woman, or would feminists welcome transsexuals into the world of womanhood?

You have no doubt guessed that I am asking this because I am myself pre-op transsexual, and while my use of words and the content of this question may show my utter lack of knowledge, my aim and goal in life is to be accepted as fully female, and I suppose any answers to questions I have all helps.

Thanks, and kind regards,




There is certainly no definitive feminist opinion on transexuality. Some argue whatever one was born, while others put the emphasis on self-definition, for instance, "women born women" or "female identified," I personally argue for the latter, since gender to me is fluid, it's how we identify and feel more than what we biologically are.

Of course, many people can't entirely grasp this, but that mostly has to do with not understanding and once that is demystified, people prove that they can be more accommodating.

Hope that helps,

-- Amy