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Hello Amy,

Over the past couple of weeks I've been wondering if active feminism really exists, in modern day politics per say. I came to the conclusion that the need for feminist activism, in North America at least, is non-existent because feminism in itself is so accepted these days. Women now outnumber men in post-secondary institutions, and women currently maintain a strong foothold in the government. Perhaps one could argue that feminist bio-ethicists have some reason to rally, but could the feminist movement be a thing of the past?


You have a point if you are assuming that feminism's sole goal was to access society as is. And in part that was feminism's goal, but it actually has made a more profound calling, which is to alter society to the extent that value systems change and success isn't based solely on how well we acclimate to the status quo.

Also, even as is, while women might have accessed those worlds they aren't approaching equality in them, and too few men have taken on "female" responsibilities. Just read Ask Amy and you will see that there is a need for resources.

-- Amy