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I was wondering how we can get rid of stereotypical feminists.

Whenever my friends and I talk about feminism, every assumes we are all lesbians, hate all men, and have attitudes. I have no problem with lesbians, but it is just not me.

We feel that sexual preferences don't determine your stand on feminism. Also, we don't treat all men like crap, only those that deserve it. We don't have an attitude all the time, and we usually present our ideas and information people should know in a calm matter.

Why has this become the stereotype of feminists and what can we do to get rid of it other then enlightening people when we talk to them?


There are always going to be feminists who give other feminists a bad name -- just like there will always be sports players, actors, Democrats, who ruin it for everyone else.

I suggest that you just spend more time using your example to counteract that stereotype -- who you are and your friends will show people there are other alternatives.

Good luck,

-- Amy