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I'm a woman aged 37 and I'm not clear as to what a Feminist is? Could you please let me know what the term means?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but someone else asked me and I really couldn't answer.

Thank you for you time.



Cindy --

That's certainly not a stupid question, I get it all the time. And in fact received it so much that I devoted a chapter in my book, Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future, to answering this very simple question.

The point I made in this chapter was that feminism is really different for each person. According to the dictionary it's quite simple -- the movement for the full social, political and economic equality of all people. I think that's vague -- it's about each person having enough information to make informed choices -- therefore what's limited is the choices, not the person.

The larger confusion seems to be what does feminism require of each of us, I think mostly that we act on instinct and help to disrupt injustices.

I hope that helps,

-- Amy