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I like your site. And appreciate the opportunity to ask a question that I've been wondering about. What exactly is "post-feminism"? It kind of took me aback to hear that phrase bantered about - I guess I never realized feminism was over. And is there a "post-post-feminism"?

I'm not kidding about that, by the way. I'd really appreciate your answer. My current hypothesis is that post-feminism is something like "Thanks, ladies, for all the work you've done gaining me rights, but I think you really overdid it and that now we should all go back home where we belong," and that a "post-post" option might be more in line with where I stand, which is to encourage and help enable women to have everything - family, job, fulfillment, and freedom from guilt. Or does that make me a feminist of the prefix-less variety? I'm very curious.

Thanks for your help,



Faith --

I actually think that post-feminist is a very academic term -- it has never really resonated with me. It's usage has either been -- anti-feminist -- trying to keep feminists from connecting to a larger movement by assuming that it's dated and over; or academic, theoretically we have to move beyond the discourse of feminism.

Some people also say that post-feminist and Third Wave feminism are similar -- however, Third Wave is very much building on a feminist past and acknowledging that there is still tremendous need for feminism today -- both strategies and problems. I think that using qualifiers does more to hard feminism then help -- yet it also allows some people to feel visible when they otherwise might not. I hope that helps.

Regardless of what you call yourself, what you do is far more important

-- Amy