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Hi Amy,

I was wondering if you could share your opinion on whether you believe that there is physical stigmas, which are often applied to Feminists?

Could you also please tell me a few of the difficulties which feminists throughout history have entailed, which have allowed women of this generation to enjoy, and do you think that a third wave of feminism will occur?

Thank you very much for your help,



Kistina --

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by physical stigmas -- for instance, do you mean the stereotypes such as those related to not shaving, etc... and otherwise not caring about their physical appearance? Yes, those stigmas exist and some feminists do reject traditional expressions of femininity, but not all. And to your other questions, in general, the whole nature of feminism is that people identify injustices, fight against them and others reap the benefits.

For instance, most of the women who fought for women to get the vote died before ever being able to execute that right themselves. There are numerous things women have been denied, voting, access to certain professions, access to higher education, etc..., and today women just enjoy them as if they were never an obstacle.

I do think that a Third Wave will occur -- but it will be one of consciousness change to catch up with the legal change. Since the later hasn't happened, at least not in a comprehensive way, then it will be years before we are there.

There is a Third Wave today, but it's more in name than in theory.

I hope that helps

-- Amy