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Amy -

I am a 21 year old white queer feminist that goes to Colorado College, and I currently run a few feminist organizations on campus: FemCo (the feminist collective); Vox (voices for planned parenthood); VAT (a student-run 24/7 sexual assault crisis line and education group); and helped plan take back the night events.

I recently read Manifesta and really feel inspired to do something more than sit around and talk within these groups, especially since this is my last year in college. I was interested in the book about various women's conventions held around the country, and for a while have been wanting to do something of that caliber on my campus, specifically focusing on college age women and issues that affect us.

However, I am overwhelmed with where to start: who to bring, where to get money, all these things, and was hoping you could give me some pointers on where to begin or information about past conventions that would help me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for Manifesta; it reminded me of how inspired and motivated I felt after taking my first women's studies class. And it made me remember that I do have a voice and the power to make it heard, which often gets lost.

Fellow empowered feminist,




I'm glad that Manifesta was an inspiration.

Jennifer and I actually spoke at Colorado College a few years ago -- not sure if you were there. I think it was organized through the campus pro-choice group -- I believe it was a NARAL affiliate. And actually how that event came to be gave me an idea for you. Our visit to CO was initiated by CO NARAL and we visited 4 schools -- UC, Boulder, Univ. of Denver, Metro State and Colorado College.

What might be an interesting idea is to do a traveling convention -- pick maybe 4 speakers, all of whom speak to different topics and bring them in for a traveling road show of sorts. Reach out these schools, plus the dozens of others that are in the state and see if they are game. It would be good for everyone because costs could be shared. The speakers could spend a week in the state and could drive to the different schools doing a daytime event and night time event at different schools.

To augment this you can use community groups, state based groups and campus groups. Soapbox, a lecture agency that Jennifer and I, would be a good place to start for speakers -- www.soapboxinc.com. The National Women's Studies Association can put you in touch with the women's centers and women's studies departments in that state. Then I would contact those departments and asking about their interest and also their funding. Some schools are certainly going to have more than other. Perhaps maximize that -- and just pool all the money together. There is also a Colorado Women's Foundation -- perhaps they might want to fund, too. I hope that gets you started - let me know what comes of it -- I hope something great!

-- Amy