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I'm in the midst of research for a feminist art project; I'm feeling a bit lost and am looking for some help and direction. The purpose of the project is to examine and debunk common myths about women in societies today and search for realistic and positive role models, rather than the stereotypical representations of women that we see in the media today.

I am looking for a cultural or psychological theory about women that  is structured in different stages or sections.  An example of the  structure I'm looking for would be Erikson's or Freud's stages of  development, or Jungian archetypes.  I'm looking for a theory that  explores one of the following areas: female stages of development,  female archetypes, roles of women in society/social classes, women  role models... or something else along these lines.  I am not  necessarily looking for something that falls into line with my  progressive views; it might even be interesting to explore and  denounce inaccuracies in the way women have been perceived or  represented over time.


The first thing that came to mind is Carol Gilligan and her work and the work of her colleagues. She is a psychologist and has reclaimed women's voices through her work. Also, Nancy Chodorow's The Reproduction of Mothering. Both define women as individuals in a way that more popular psychologists have never done, and they empower women as having a unique way of doing things.

-- Amy