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I'm writing a paper comparing Matilda Joslyn Gage to a modern day feminist and I'm having trouble finding women whom I think could compare to her. I was wondering if you could give me a list or something to help me out. Or if you feel that you could fit in then please tell me a little bit about yourself.


I'm flattered by even the hint of a comparison to Gage. I think there are many women today who are providing the same leadership that Gage provided. However, the two specific things that seem to have made her unique among her peers: 1) her work with Native Americans, and 2) her work with religion.

For the latter, I would name three women who are doing much the same — Helen Hunt (founder of The Sister Fund), Frances Kissling (formerly of Catholics for a Free Choice) and also Karen Armstrong — though she is more exclusively a writer, and Gage was both a writer and an activist. There are two other younger women, and sadly, I'm entirely blanking on their names. In terms of her ability to work with "marginalized" communities — I think that Mia Herndon, who works at Third Wave, would be an interesting one as well as Wyndi Anderson or Lynn Paltrow.

-- Amy