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As a feminist yourself, I would like to know your thoughts on whether you feel feminism is on the rise. As a society are we more aware of feminists and feminist ideas? Do you feel ignored as a feminist by a huge proportion of society? Have you ever had negative feedback on any of your writings?


I think that feminism is more or less simply a part of our culture, and in that way is very successful. However, part of feminism's strength is that it prioritizes issues before the mainstream culture does (such as what was happening in Afghanistan under the Taliban and today with sexual abuse). And in that way, it's never going to be an entirely popular movement because its strength is putting things on the radar. That said, I do think that we are seeing the shrinking patriarchy — financial markets collapsing, wars failing, soft men leaders, and in that way feminism is ascendant.

And certainly I have received criticism — but that's part of being vocal and opinionated. And though I don't enjoy being challenged or critiqued, I also think it's a sign that I am making others think.

-- Amy