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Hi Amy   

I'm also doing a critical report for a Women's Studies class and I read the answers to one of the questions asked (How do men benefit from Feminism) and some of the answers were "they get to free up their emotions and express themselves and they can have deeper relationships with other men".

I don't understand how this has any relation to feminism. If you could get back to me as soon as possible, that would be greatly appreciated seeing that my report is due in one week.

Thanks in advance,  




As much as feminism has freed up women to embrace "masculine" things -- like higher salaries, the right not to have children, access to power -- it has free up men to have access to feminine things -- should they choose it.

Equally important, I think, is that feminism has exposed men to a different way of doing things -- not entirely linear or hierarchical -- and also very specific things like they should know about their bodies and health care the same way that women do.

I hope that helps,

-- Amy

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