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I am studying politics at university and recently came across a debate with the topic 'The only good feminist is a radical feminist', I was interested in your thoughts on this statement.



A lot of this question is dependent on how you define "radical."

At it's base, it means "going to the root" which is innocent enough and when it comes to feminism means changing the systems rather than changing individuals and uprooting feminism from there.

That is certainly one approach, and one I endorse, but when most people think of "Radical Feminism" they think of a very specific branch of feminism that was active in the early 1970s/late 1960s and was about creating a female centered society, free from men -- and I don't think this resonate with most people, nor do I think it's entirely reflective of your question.

Given the former definition, I would certainly agree with your statement -- it's not a matter of good as much as it is a matter of effective.

Good luck,

-- Amy

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