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To Whom it may concern,

I'm interested to know more about this program. I'm a budding lawyer (in the final year of my degree) and wish to advocate feminism. To be precise, I admire the works of Catharine McKinnon, one of the famous feminist writers. Kindly provide me more in depth knowledge and understanding about feminism; important articles maybe.

Thanks and regards,




There is actually so much to say on the topic of feminism, I don't really know where to begin.

There are tons of answers already posted at www.feminist.com/askamy and those should help get you thinking. Also since you are about to be a lawyer and seem to have an interest in pursuing feminism via a legal profession you might try the National Women's Law Center or the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy or Equal Rights Advocates or Legal Momentum -- all feminist organizations that work with/around the law. I hope that's a start.

Good luck,

-- Amy

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