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I'm writing a paper on how, through activism, you can achieve the social change you need/desire. My paper focuses on the feminist movement. Could you tell me what the feminist movement, has achieved, and how it was achieved? Any info would be very greatly appreciated!!


Heather R.



Dear Heather -

I just published a book on this exact topic -- Grassroots: A Field Guide to Feminist Activism.

My motivation was entirely that people seemed to believe in the goals of feminism -- but the disconnect was that they didn't always understand what this required of them -- how to translate this desire into action and also what it required in terms of their personal behavior.

More specific to your question, I think these goals are achieved through many things working in concert with one another. For instance, it does require legal and legislative change and organizations to monitor that change, but it also requires that each of us change our own patters and constantly challenge ourselves in our own limitations. For example, we fought for the legalization of women's sports and equal funding, now we need to make sure that individual woman want to be athletic and that we all show up to support them.

I hope that helps,

-- Amy

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