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I'm wondering how i can get more information on how to start a feminist group here at my school. I think if one women's voice is heard it will give courage to other women.




Lexi --

Thanks for your interest in starting a feminist group at your school.

Years ago I had prepared something for Third Wave Foundation that were "how tos" -- essentially walking you through all the steps from getting school sponsorship to getting attendees, etc..... Now because I have been asked this question so many times, I wrote a book with just this information -- Grassroots: A Field Guide to Feminist Activism there is an entire chapter on high school clubs that have been started and what are the pitfalls of them.

I hope that you can get the book and follow the examples of others that are laid out in the book. They are very inspiring and the book was written precisely to answer questions like yours.

Good luck and let me know if I can help in another way.

-- Amy

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