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I am a university student enrolled in a Women Studies course. For part of our final grade, we are supposed to write a paper about feminism and whether or not we consider ourselves to be a feminist. I was hoping you could help me first off by explaining what a feminist is. This is my first experience dealing with feminism and I was hoping that if there are any concepts or views you could enlighten me on as well.

The more info the better!





Sorry that you were having difficulties.

In general, feminism has multiple definitions. For me it's about ensuring that each individual has enough information to make informed choices. I think that what allows some people to get ahead of others is that they have the benefit of access -- I want that to not inhibit others.

For me it's also equally about men and women -- I think that we are both limited by societal expectations and need to be liberated to make more genuine choices. It's important, too, that the focus of feminism be on the freedom to choose, not what choice we make.

I hope that helps -- and good luck,

-- Amy

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