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Hello Amy,

My name is Madeline and I'm 20 years old.

I just recently started to read up on feminism I have decided that I am a feminist, and I want to get involved in activism. I was wondering where I could reach people around my area so I could get involved (I live in Modesto near the bay in California). I would really appreciate it.

Also, are there any magazines and books that you would recommend?



Madeline --

Good to hear from you and about your new found interest in feminism.

There are so many things in the Bay area that you can get involved with. The Women's Funding Network and the San Francisco Women's Fund and the Global Fund for Women all might be good starting places. In general you should figure out in what way you want to contribute -- volunteering with an existing group or taking on a new project.

Hopefully they can provide local resources, I always think that's the best way to get involved.

Please let me know if you need more idea.

-- Amy

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