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First of all, I would like to say you have a very new resource site here....unfortunately I don't think its enough. I'm a 33 year old female...one of the daughters of the original feminist generation, and I think there is A LOT of confusion out there about what feminism means today.  

Back in the 60-70's women had Gloria Steinem to look up to for guidance....NOW who do we have?? Really, we have no active women out there in the spotlight educating women & girls everywhere on what   the term feminism means.   

Recently Margaret Cho posted an entry in her blog and I happen   to agree with her. Why aren't the feminist leaders standing up to the   forefront when women like Courtney Love & Martha Stewart are   persecuted in the public media as insane women.  

Even now as I write   this email to you ....a public debate is going on here about the state   of feminism  and all I keep reading is A LOT OF   CONFUSION....especially with young women today.   We need a new leader.   We need fresh faces out there to educate the masses on what it means to be a feminist. I can't stand this new attitude young girls have towards each other...a lot of hatred...a lot   of miscommunication.... women are slandered for being stay-at-home moms...other moms are slandered for going to work....UGH!

I thought feminism was about choices for women...not a stereotype. The state of feminism is weakening amongst the young women. We need a new direction. Thanks for hearing me out!



Two immediate things:

One -- there are tons of younger women taking leadership, check out www.thirdwavefoundation.org, as just a starting place.

Two -- it's less important that the movement be dependent on one or two leaders and more important that hundreds of young women are leading the way in smaller ways each and every day.

Hope that helps -- and thanks for sharing your opinion.

-- Amy

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