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Girls’ State of the Union Video Contest

Fact Sheet

What? Girls’ State of the Union Video Contest: Girls are a vital part of our nation and play an important role as problem solvers and social media leaders. This contest highlights their unique voices and hopes for the future.

Who? The Women’s Media Center and a coalition of 100 prominent girls’ organizations and leaders, including Carol Jenkins, including prominent judges from the social media, activist, and artist community, including Gloria Steinem, Kyra Sedgwick, and more. How? A video contest for girls from all over the United States, ages 14-22, to create a 1-5 minute Girls’ State of the Union video that highlights what they think the state of the union is for girls. Contest participants can communicate their "State of the Union" in many diverse ways. You can choose to deliver a traditional speech or express your opinion using art, music, multimedia, or poetry to add personal flair to your video. Five finalists will be featured on the Women’s Media Center’s YouTube channel and website. A group of diverse and talented celebrity and new media influencer judges will choose the winner.

Why? Girls represent 12 % of the US population. Like the State of the Union report that the President of the United States issues, the Girls’ State of the Union will sum up the condition of the country—with special emphasis on the welfare of girls—and an outline of what the President’s legislative agenda and priorities for Congress should be.

Where? The video contest application and submission are online. The winner, along with her parents or guardians, will be flown to Washington, DC to present her State of the Union report at the National Press Club.

When? The video contest launches on November 16, 2011 and the application and submission process will end on January 5, 2011 at 11:59PM. The winner’s presentation at the National Press Club will take place in late January, 2012.

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