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The U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee has launched an attack against fair pay on its website. The page contains distortions and outright lies such as "The Paycheck Fairness Act would authorize funds for political events to help turn voluntary comparable worth standards into compulsory wage controls." (The bill is an enforcement tool for the 36-year-old Equal Pay Act, and has nothing to do with comparable worth or wage controls.) Policy Committee Chair Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) obviously has no interest in the truth (he says there is no pay gap - it's an "imaginary hobgoblin"), and furthermore is willing to propogate lies on a goverment website to score points with the political right. The National Committee on Pay Equity has protested the misinformation on the web, and asked Craig for a meeting. Women can demand that Craig end the lies and take this garbage off the website at fax 202-228-1067; or e-mail [email protected]




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