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April 23, 1999

Reports coming out of the war zone confirm that Kosovar women (and girls as young as 11) are being systematically raped by Serbian soldiers in a reprise of the crimes committed against Bosnian women in 1992-95. Kosovar women in neighboring Macedonia, exiles who are helping the new flood of refugees, need help themselves. The Kosovo Women's Fund is an opportunity for individuals and foundations to contribute tax-exempt emergency funds to support organizations led by Kosovo women in Macedonia. Led by the STAR Network of World Learning, which has worked with more than 150 women's groups in the region, the Fund will dedicate 100% of the contributions to local groups such as The Center for the Protection of Women and Children, which provides emergency medical care and trauma services for displaced women and their families. Any amount is welcome, but gifts of at least $100 are encouraged. Checks go to STAR/World Learning Kosovo Women's Fund, 1015 Fifteenth Street NW, #750, Washington, DC 20005. More info: Lael Stegall, 202-408-5420 or E-mail [email protected].

(WFF 4/23/99)




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