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The Islamic fundamentalist Taliban regime in Afghanistan bars girls from going to school, women from working, and females from going out in public without a male relative. When they do go out, they must wear burqa, an oppressive garment that covers the entire body, with a small piece of mesh through which to see and breathe. The Taliban influence has now spread across the Afghan border to Pakistan, where women are being intimidated and threatened. The Islamic fundamentalist government of Sudan has also imposed a Taliban-like dress code on women and will deploy police to insure that it is being observed. Women worldwide must mobilize to oppress this war on women's rights. The Feminist Majority's Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid was given a major push a few months ago when Jay and Mavis Leno donated $100,000 to the campaign. You can help by joining the campaign as a co-sponsor (888-93-WOMEN), and wearing the symbol of remembrance - a small swatch of mesh material representing the burqa. The symbol is only $2.00 - half the proceeds go directly to Afghan women, and the other half goes to build the campaign. To learn how you can do more, contact the Feminist Majority at 703-522-2219 or see the Feminist Majority's Stop Gender Apartheid in Afganistan! section on the web.




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