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WHERE'S MY *&%$#@! 29 CENTS?

February 7, 1997

Most likely not in your pay envelope, if you're a woman. Thirty three years after the Equal Pay Act was passed, women overall still earn only 71 cents on the dollar compared to white men. April 11 is Pay Inequity Day (the day in 1997 when women have finally reached the earnings men got by Dec. 31, 1996, and the National Committee on Pay Equity is sponsoring a national day of action. With the theme "Where is my 29 cents?", NCPE will be holding events on Capitol Hill as well as around the country to call attention to the nation's pitiful progress on paying women fairly. Women's magazines will be featuring the day in their March/April issues. Local and regional partner organizations are needed around the country to conduct actions and media events. A great way to boost the cause of fair pay and get media coverage for your organization. NCPE will provide organizing help, coordination, and materials. They also have a list of suggested actions (some look like great fun) for groups large and small. Call NCPE ASAP to get on board 202-331-7343; fax 202-331-7406; E-mail [email protected] (Excerpted from WFF 2/7/97)






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