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Environmental Challenges
and the Power of Women

Compiled by Circle the Earth

What Earth Day! Every Day!
Redwood Mary, Executive Director of Circle the Earth

The Earth is constantly spinning at 1100 miles per hour. And we don't fly off. Is that not more amazing than who wins on American Idol?

Earth and her ecosystems provide for us the basics that we need for all life. We live on a miracle planet. The air we breathe, the water we drink, and everything we possible need is available for us on this amazing planet Earth. But... do we treat this gift of life with respect?Think about it-- everything around us and all the stuff in our homes, offices, schools, factories are made from materials extracted from the earth. The laptops, cars, ipods, cars, DVD's, etc. all made from nature's raw materials.

Now think about this...we fill our trash cans every week with stuff. Each time we buy a soft drink or bottled water where does it go when it is emptied?

Each time a new computer or cell phone or a toy is designed and introduced, where do the old cast aways disappear too? It is piling up! Our "stuff" that now becomes garbage ends up in landfills...where it is broken down or burned. What happens then? Toxins are released into the atmosphere along with carbon dioxide, or toxins are leached into the groundwater as the materials break down. (Remember Love Canal? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Canal))

Yesterday, April 20, 2007 was a special celebration honoring a fierce defender of the environment- a legend that brought to the world a "shaking up" and shaking out of our complacency to a new consciousness. Disturbed by the profligate use of synthetic chemical pesticides after World War II, Carson challenged the practices of agricultural scientists and the government. Her 1962 landmark book Silent Spring is credited with jump-starting the modern day environmental movement. The celebrations have begun to honor the birthday of this pioneer. Her courage, scientific expertise and gumption are still an inspiration to this day.The Indigo Girls and many special guests were gathered at the Carson's original homestead to celebrate the life and legacy of an amazing women who took big risks to stand up and say it is not ok with what we are doing to the planet and our chemical toxic pesticides are not the way to go. Rachel Carson was born on May 27, 1907 in a small clapboard farmhouse in Springdale, Pennsylvania which is now a historic site that is open to the public ( http://www.rachelcarson.org ). Rachel Carson was the visionary who woke us up from the spin of advertising and corporations and she called out to say that life and the earth is precious and we are poisoning ourselves. Rachel has since passed on but her message is still alive and strong.

Today, we worry about cures for breast cancers and other diseases. There is mercury in our rivers and the fish we eat. The shocking truth is that we are still poisoning ourselves and the planet. In our cosmetics, in our health and beauty products, in the food we eat, in the plastics that our food and "stuff" is packaged in, and now even plastic bottles for our babies - poisons are us!

Mother Earth can live without humans - but we can't live without her. It's time to stop, think, and take action.

And best all, you will make a difference! Many women (and men and kids too) are leading the way!

How? Be a Rachel Carson yourself! Learn, investigate and agitate!

Here are some videos and websites to inspire you. All it takes is belief in you.

And you WILL make a difference!

Email Circle the Earth, Grassroots Women Taking Action for a Sustainable Future and let us know what you are doing for mother earth! Go Girls! Go Women! [email protected]@gmail.com And we will highlight some of your stories on our newly constructed website to be launched in June 2007!

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