20th Anniversary Event
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What Makes a Woman? The Next Frontier of Sexuality, Identity and Womanhood

Elinor Burkett’s controversial NYT op-ed, “What Makes A Woman” claims that the burgeoning trans movement may be compromising a version of womanhood previously designed and inhabited by ciswomen. Since then, a national discourse around the future of gender, sexuality, and identity has accelerated, with Laverne Cox, Janet Mock and Caitlyn Jenner moving squarely into icon status. This panel explored the changing face of both the feminist and the LGBTQI movements, and interrogated traditional notions of what being a woman means in our society and culture.

Moderator: Lindsey Taylor Wood, LTW
Speakers: Ashley Ford, Poet and Teaching Artist; Elise Peterson, Freelance Writer; Kim Reed, Filmmaker; Brianna Wu, Giant SpaceKat

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