20th Anniversary Event
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Feminist Mass Media: Fact or Fiction?

Of the paltry number of women represented in front of and behind the camera, most are white, thin, young and hyper-sexualized. This limited archetype of “beauty” is also found in the vast majority of “women’s media” outlets — from lifestyle centric .coms to the most prestigious glossies. While some magazines feature “real women” in one vertical, others showcase airbrushed, nearly nude girls.

Onscreen the landscape is just as dismal. The wage gap persists, and the ability for a woman to find a leading role or to be hired as a director is nearly impossible. Though “women’s media” appears to have made some gains, the numbers and tradeoffs prove otherwise. Which begs the questions: is "women’s media" inherently fertile ground for feminism, and can feminist media really exist in the mainstream media marketplace?

Moderator: Soraya Chemaly, Writer
Speakers: Elizabeth Plank, Mic; Laia Garcia, Lenny; Latoya Peterson, Fusion; Genevieve Roth, Glamour

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