20th Anniversary Event
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KAYLO (Kerri Lowe)

Kerri Lowe (KAYLO) is a millennial feminist poet, storyteller and creative facilitator living in Brooklyn, New York. KAYLO uses autobiographical writing and performance projects — from one-woman shows to spoken word poetry — to unravel the narratives that surround being female in America. She has a BFA in Theatre from NYU and is currently studying in the first cohort of artists, doctors and writers at the Center for Narrative Practice. Lowe was chosen to be among the first facilitators of the groundbreaking program, Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids, a workshop that uses performance to promote empathy and understanding between the New York City Police Department and Inner City Black and Latino youth. She is a trained therapeutic monologue facilitator through StoryHealers International.

KAYLO’s poems have been shared on the website Everyday Feminism and she has performed her signature poem, “When I Have Gumption” at the Omega Women’s Leadership Center’s Women & Power Retreat; she performed the poem at Feminist.com’s 20th anniversary event.

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