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The Woman Source Catalog & Review

It's No Secret...

that women's issues, interests and accomplishments have often been invisible throughout history and overlooked by mass media. Resources and networks for women who pursue excellence in endeavors such as business, politics and sports are difficult to find. Strong, positive, female role models and examples of women who have beaten the odds to achieve their dreams seem scarce. Tools and information that not only promote self-sufficiency and independence, but also reflect women's experiences are not easily accessible. Functional and empowering products specifically designed for or created by women often lack widespread distribution and are hard to locate ...Not Anymore.

The WomanSource Catalog & Review is a holistic, centralized source of information and inspiration for women, creating pathways to self-reliance and connecting the women's community. We have selected and reviewed close to 2000 books, periodicals, organizations, mail-order catalogs, products, audios, videos and software in every conceivable area of life--from healthcare and childcare to humor and the arts, from the environment to politics, from spirituality to travel, from fixing your car to building your house. Reviews and articles come not only from our editorial staff, but from hundreds of women contributors in communities everywhere. Women like Mary Daly, Joan Jett, Anita Roddick, Suzette Haden Elgin, Jean Houston, Carol Seejay are among the many who share the benefits of their collective insights and wisdom--a true mosaic of women's voices.

The Launch Pad is a not-for-profit organization specializing in access to information and resources for women. Our goal is to bring together practical ideas and solutions for meeting the challenges of life and to offer women a springboard from information access to knowledge and action. Knowledge is power--consider this your point of departure.

The Secret is Out.



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