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Enjoy Karma
Enjoy Karma Philosophy

At Enjoy Karma, we are passionate about style and fashion with value and positive consequence. Our philosophy is simple – we believe in caring about others and taking care of our surroundings. We believe in supporting companies that commit to making their products with or through processes that reuse, recycle, or otherwise are made with natural, ecological or organic elements. We believe in supporting our local communities and businesses, and supporting companies that pledge to ethical standards. We also believe all people should be treated with dignity and compensated fairly, children should be allowed to be children, and fair trade is good business and quality is a requirement. Our mission is to seek out the latest trends and fashion, but only seek items that meet our philosophy. This means that the designers may be new, up and coming, indie brands, or from other countries to keep within our philosophy and our Karma. Our mission to you is to help you look great on the outside, but feel even better about your purchase on the inside!

Enjoy Karma’s Creation Enjoy Karma is a family company, majority woman owned and completely operated by a mother and daughter(s) collaboration. We first opened our first Eco store back in 1999 called “Your Planet” at the Salt Lake City International airport. We wanted to contribute to a greater good and remind people how fragile our planet is and that lifestyle choices can be environmentally and socially responsible. Our goal and pleasure has always been to provide an excellent shopping and customer experience and to offer unique handpicked environmentally and socially responsible products. Knowing that we could provide a new experience to more women on the web, we decided to take our boutique online under our new name - Enjoy Karma. To us, a woman’s Karma is determined by her choices and actions. Fashion and style is a big part of a woman’s personality, energy, and lifestyle. We love bringing women fashion that turns into a purchase with purpose. What comes around goes around! We can help you Enjoy Karma!