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EarthLover Shopping
EarthLover supports your choice to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Although Earthlover was conceived with the idea of offering a shopping experience that supported a green lifestyle, it has evolved into so much more. As we search for each special product that we carefully choose to bring to our customers, we become more and more aware of the people behind the product- Where does it come from? What impact can the purchase have on another? What does this product offer as a “pay it forward” for the planet and its occupants? These questions have led us to a decision to not offer only beautiful items to our shoppers, but to do so in a way that encourages them to think about purchasing in a more global way. Most of the items we offer have a story, and pictures have been included whenever possible of the individuals that spend their days making each item for our enjoyment and pleasure. The hope is that when our customers choose to purchase at Earthlover Shopping they will walk away with not just a wonderful product, but an experience of how our purchasing power can impact others, and our planet.

As a woman owned and operated company, we make a choice to support other business women by choosing them for web site development, photography, web graphics, and banking. We also choose Non-Profit organizations that support women around the world, and are proudly partnered with many, including Voices for Global Change and the Paper to Pearls Initiative in Northern Uganda, the Rupalee Empowerment Project in India, and Global Mamas in Ghana, and the Arghand Cooperative in Afghanistan, to name a few. All of these initiatives support women, and allow them to have a voice in changing their futures.

At EarthLover Shopping we search the U.S. and the entire world for earth-friendly products from clothing, bath and beauty items, home décor, and personal accessories, to toys, gardening items and gifts. You can find the organic, recycled, renewable, natural, and hand made products you want while maintaining your commitment to living green. We invite you to join us in our journey to Make a World of Difference, one small purchase at a time!

Please visit us at www.earthlovershopping.com